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Get started making a great team

Learn how to make your team great using the proven TRIBE Canvas, a practical framework for improving teams.

In the lessons, there are videos, worksheets to download, podcasts and provocative questions to get you thinking. Use this free introductory course to experience the different learning options, whilst you discover the TRIBE process; the research behind it, why you need it, how it will help you and how to get started with the TRIBE canvas.

We know people learn in different ways and at different speeds, so we have made things as flexible as possible. You can take the lessons in any order you like and you do not have to finish one to progress to the next. The lesson bar will track your progress, so if you want to jump around and return to finish something you started earlier, it will help you. We would recommend you start with lesson one and work through to lesson five – that’s a logical progression in our minds, but it’s up to you!

Learning outcomes

When you have completed the lessons in this course you should have a good understanding of what TRIBE is, why it is important and how it can help you as a leader. Better still, you’ll have enough understanding to try out the Canvas Builder with your team and to start on the road to transforming your performance and resilience.

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Lesson 2: Why making your team great can be difficult

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Lesson 3: The New Science behind Great Teams Academy

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Lesson 4: What you get in the Great Teams Academy

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As you work through the lessons you can make notes, which will appear here. All the notes you save are stored securely and are only accessible to you. Use them to remind yourself of what you have learnt and what you are going to do. You can download them as a Microsoft Word document or print them from your browser.

Canvas builder

Create your team canvas online using our new canvas builder technology

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Articles, white papers and more on all things leadership and teams.

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